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We Said Goodbye to Goop!

(impression material, not the Netflix series)

The iTero™ Scanner is now in our clinic, ready for your appointment.

Digital scans are in the same category as impressions, meaning the scan is a complimentary service and is included under fees associated with treatments that require impression records (i.e., Invisalign®).

What is the iTero™ Scanner?

The iTero™ Scanner is a digital impression software that allows us to take images and create a 3D model image of your teeth and gums.

You will be able to see the 3D model while you are in the dental chair. This image will assist the dentist to communicate your treatment to you. It can also be a diagnostic tool.

How the iTero™ Scanner benefit’s you:

No more goop for you!* As much as possible, the iTero™ Scanner will be used as an alternative for classic impressions (the goop in the trays that takes an impression of your teeth). The digital scan tends to be a more enjoyable experience for the patient. In some cases, traditional impressions may still be required.

We have made the switch for you! Many individuals find traditional impression methods awkward or uncomfortable, which is why we have this new tool for you. It will do a lot more than make your experience more enjoyable, the 3D scans are a visual aid and a tool to help you understand, more fully, the treatment recommended for you. You will be able to see the “after” plan for your smile, how it will look after restorative or cosmetic treatment is completed. You will be able to see the planned final result before treatment is even started. A visual aid is always helpful when talking about things that you can’t see with your own eyes (i.e., the back of your own mouth).

For Invisalign® treatment, these scans allow us to show you how your teeth will move to create your ideal smile. You will be able to watch the movement on the screen from beginning to end!

One more awesome benefit of the iTero™ Scanner is that they help us to create an accurate model the first time! Traditional impression material can be tricky, occasionally requiring multiple attempts to obtain an accurate model of your mouth. The iTero™ Scanner aids us to take an accurate and usable model on the first go-round. Both traditional and digital scans are effective ways to obtain models, but we are excited to have this digital tool in addition to traditional methods.

Ask for a digital scan of your mouth at your next appointment.

Digital scans with the iTero™ Scanner are a no-charge service, meaning they cost you, the patient $0.

“No more ooy gooy impressions that make you drool and gag” - Dona Murphy


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