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Preventative Orthodontic System

Myobrace® is a treatment system that corrects poor oral habits, which affect the development of the mouth, jar, and teeth. The effects of the developmental issues can lead to breathing problems, sleep apnea, misaligned teeth, and chin and jaw development and muscle problems. There are a number of signs that indicate that your child or teen may have poor oral habits and are being affected by them daily. Myobrace® is a trainer worn for one hour during the day and all night while sleeping, customized for the patient's mouth and needs. 

Adults and older teens, having grown up with some of these issues can also be candidates for correction with Myobrace®. Correcting issues that affect teeth movement and wear as well as breathing and sleeping problems all by correcting oral habits with a Myobrace® trainer while sleeping and for one hour while awake.

Myobrace  Preventative Orthodontic System: Service
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What is Myobrace?

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Health Benefits

Myobrace  Preventative Orthodontic System: Service

Modern research shows that crooked teeth and poor jaw development are not caused by hereditary factors.
Myobrace® focuses on treating the underlying causes, unlocking natural growth and development.
Used by dentists and orthodontists in over 100 countries Myobrace® has successfully treated millions of children worldwide.

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Myobrace® treatment and other orthodontic solutions at Stony Plain Dental Centre are provided by General Dentists. 

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