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COVID19 & Your Dental Visit

At Stony Plain Dental Centre we have made changes & added to our protocols in the clinic to keep you & your family safe. The pandemic has effected many aspects of our lives, but it has not effected the level of care you receive while in our clinic.

Prior to your appointment

We have made all forms electronic, meaning you can fill them out online & email them back prior to your appointment. This helps to minimize unnecessary contact while you are with us. You will receive an email with your forms, alternatively you can access these forms on our website. Please review, fill out & email these forms prior to your appointment.

Visit our Patient Experience page to watch a video that leads you through your new experience in the clinic as a patient. There is a general video & a more kid-friendly video. Please review the video that is relevant to you. If you have any questions about changes or protocols please ask us, call or text 780-963-4626 or email admin@stonyplaindental.com