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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards or sports guards are a custom-made protective piece, made to be worn while doing specific activities such as playing a contact sport.

Contact sports that require sports/mouth guards can cause various injuries to the teeth and mouth. Having a custom-made sports guard can prevent injuries and have a superior fit compared to over the counter stock guards, or bite and mold sports guards.

Stony Plain Dental Centre makes custom sports guards for you and your family by taking impressions and forming the guards in-house in our lab. These guards offer more protection to teeth as they ensure the jaw is properly positioned when impact occurs. With a proper fitting of a custom sports guard, it can lessen the effects of trauma caused by impact, including minimizing the extent of a concussion. The impressions also allow the guard to maintain a proper fit with the presence of crowns, bridges, and implants whereas over the counter sports guards are not able to fit or protect those areas properly.

Mouth Guards: Service
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