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Clear Alignment Tray System

Let's get you the smile you deserve.

Have you been contemplating investing in your smile? Invisalign® might be the straightening option that best fits the needs of you or one of your family members. From teens to adults, Invisalign® clear aligners are an inconspicuous and effective option for straighter teeth.


Invisalign® at Stony Plain Dental Centre

  • Invisalign® has been offered in our office for over 7 years 

  • Invisalign® treatment is completed and monitored by general dentists at Stony Plain Dental Centre, all of whom are fully trained in the Invisalign® systems.

  • We use Invisalign® because it has proven results and has served over 14 million smiles. Invisalign® is continually updating and refining its technology, which is an important factor in the equipment, products, and services we offer. 

  • Before you begin your treatment we will show you how your smile will change all the way to the expected final result with Invisalign® and our iTero® digital scanner. 

  • Invisalign® clear aligners are inconspicuous. You can expect most people you interact with to not notice you are wearing your Invisalign® tray.

Considering Invisalign®? Schedule your free Invisalign® consultation in our office today!

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Invisalign® treatment and other orthodontic solutions at Stony Plain Dental Centre are provided by General Dentists. 

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